Carmela Habibi

Carmela Habibi is a Canadian Instagram plus size model. Leads his Instagram account in which there are already 1 million subscribers. Author of The Chronicles of Him, published in 2018. Owner of Habibi Hearts clothing store and podcast host.


Date of Birth: March 18, 1997
Place of Birth: Vancouver, Canada
Height: 173 cm
Weight: 60 kg


The girl was born in 1997 in Vancouver, Canada. Unlike many “fatty insta” who became Internet stars quite by accident, often even against their will, Carmela wanted to be a popular model since childhood. However, she had all the external data for this.

Already at the age of fourteen, the girl participated in her first fashion show in her hometown. Fashion designers liked our today’s heroine, so since then they have often invited her to their events as a demonstrator of their products.

At school, Carmela did not study very well. Parents did not put pressure on her, as they reasonably believed that a modeling career would provide her daughter with a livelihood. Such frivolity made itself felt later.

In 2014, the Khabibi family suddenly moved to New York – their father was offered a good job at the Big Apple. It would seem that in such a large metropolis there are even more options for a girl to get a job as a model, but everything was much more complicated.

The thing is that even though Carmela had a good appearance, she was either refused, arguing that she was without zest, or were made irregular offers of cooperation, which also did not suit the beauty. Our heroine, having received many negative answers, of course was upset, and even decided that she could not build a career in her beloved field. Therefore, she decided to get a “regular” job, but here’s the bad luck – in addition to a weak certificate of secondary education, she had nothing, and accordingly, she was offered positions that were far from prestigious.

Then our fat woman worked out a strategy for winning a place on the podium. Seeing that plus size girls were in trend, Carmela began to work hard to find a similar texture. Two years later, she was unrecognizable, the beauty became exactly as in the photographs.

Many wondered how, in a relatively short period of time, the girl turned into such a beautifully designed bbw. The answer has always been the same – thanks to exercising in the gym with sports equipment. To believe in this or not is a personal matter for everyone, especially since there is no refutation or confirmation of this information.

And the beauty, meanwhile, created an account on the Instagram social network, where she began to publish photos that the large public liked. It’s no joke – today she has almost nine hundred thousand subscribers. This gave her the opportunity to make money from advertising posts and commercial photo shoots, so she really didn’t need an education, at least for the time being.