Lizzie Miller

Lizzie Miller is an American fashion model who became famous all over the world after she posed nude for a photo shoot of the American edition of Glamor.


Date of Birth: October 22, 1988
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 80 kg


In 2009, Lizzie Miller posed nude for Glamor magazine. Her photo was blown up by the public. In the pictures, the girl, without embarrassment, demonstrates her body as it is – with a non-pumped and hanging tummy.

“This is not a picture of a celebrity. And this is not a supermodel. This is just a beautiful woman, with a radiant smile on her face … and with a tummy that looks … wait … very normal! ” – this is how Lizzie’s photo was described.

Lizzie tells people how important it is to feel comfortable in your own body, how important it is to love yourself, your body and feel confident the way you are:

“When I was a teenager, I fought with my body and the way it looked, I did not understand why my friends were so slim and I wasn’t,” says Lizzie.

– “When I got older, I realized that all people are different and all have different bodies and not all are old, of course, including me! I learned to love my body as it is, to love every bend. I was very shy in a bikini because I have a fat belly. But each person has a different body shape !! If you go to the beach in a bikini with the confidence that you are sexy, people will see that you are. ”

Lizzie’s radiant smile showed that she sincerely believes and feels what she writes about, that she is happy and pleased with herself.

After these amazing photos appeared, women all over the world said that this is the best photo shoot in the history of Glamor – it has inspired millions of women. After Lizzie Miller managed to appear on the new VOGUE Curvy website dedicated to lush beauty, take part in the New York Fashion Week show and start an acting career.