Top 7 French comedy movies about the wedding

Every girl from an early age dreams of great and immense love. Any man wants to meet the one who is able to understand and satisfy his desires. They dream of meeting a worthy person who can respond to the call of the body and soul with every cell of the body. But, not everyone gets a chance to fall in love.

Many still do not understand what the word passion means, others are afraid of marriage, fearing that they will not be able to renounce stereotypes, others avoid serious feelings, trembling from the thought of responsibility. But no matter how we try to bring closer or postpone the moment of happiness, it is difficult to escape from fate.

And every person, despite the twists and turns of fate, sooner or later, is destined to find his soul mate. We offer one of the best collections of wedding films, which tells about the intricacies of choice, tender feelings of love, pre-wedding jitters and marriage turmoil. Introducing the best French comedy movies about the wedding.

Beautiful Mother (1999)

One day, an inveterate bachelor Antoine meets a dream girl. A stormy romance erupts between them, and the man begins to think about the decision to spend the rest of his life with his beloved.

It soon turns out that a beautiful, intelligent and ideal girl in all relationships is expecting a baby. This fact only speeds up the time it takes to make a decision to buy a ring. And Antoine finally decides to marry.

But, standing at the altar, and ready to say “yes”, having heard the traditional speech of the priest, he suddenly notices the mother of the bride in the circle of guests and suddenly falls in love with this gorgeous woman until the end of his days.

I Do: How to Get Married and Stay Single (2006)

The main character Louis is an inveterate bachelor. The guy was born and raised in a circle of women. He was raised by his mother and five sisters who loved and cherished him until he was forty-three years old. It was then that it occurred to them to finally marry their only son and brother, and the girls arranged for Louis a month of romantic dates.

There were many applicants. Among them were girlfriends, acquaintances, and neighbors. But, the bachelor could not stop the choice, and he had to spend the evening in the company of a gay guy. Not wanting to get married and tired of the daily instructions of his relatives, the hero decided to fake a relationship and pay money to his best friend’s sister for ten fictitious dinners with his family, as his new passion.

A Perfect Plan (2012)

Isabelle, a thirty-year-old girl, has long dreamed of marriage. But, as practice has shown, an unfortunate curse lies on the fair sex born in their family.

The fact is that every marriage ends in divorce, and when her boyfriend finally decides to propose to her, Isabelle does a little trick. Before the long-awaited wedding with her beloved, she decides to quickly marry the first person she meets, and manage to get a divorce in order to deceive the villainess fate.

Serial (Bad) Weddings (2014)

Marie and Claude, a married couple, raised four lovely daughters. When the girls turned eighteen, their parents, placing great responsibility on them, hoped that they would bring decent husbands, French and by faith, Catholics into the house, but when the eldest daughter decided to marry a Chinese, the dreams of the old conservatives collapsed.

Having experienced a crazy wedding, the elderly couple hoped for their middle daughter. But, and she did not live up to expectations, falling in love with an Arab. After several weeks of nightmare, the last straw for the poor parents was the invitation of their youngest daughter to marry a Jew.

C’est la vie! (2017)

The main character Max is a well-known organizer of major events. He has hundreds of parties ordered by the richest people in America. He managed to plan any celebration at an unrivaled high level, and this time, he was going not to let down the client – a large millionaire who ordered a wedding ceremony in a 17th century castle.

The event was supposed to be perfectly organized. Since there were no spotlights and speakers for a hundred thousand watts in those days, the guys had to work hard. However, at the last moment, skirmishes began to occur between employees.

Small conflicts affected the quality of the work performed, and unnoticed gaps, due to scattered attention, subsequently led to a real disaster.

Jour J (2017)

Once, the main character finds in the groom’s pocket a business card with the phone number of a stranger Juliet. Going to make a scandal, she unexpectedly discovers that this woman is the organizer of weddings. Jumping up for joy, she asks the guy about what is happening and he, not finding what to answer, agrees.

But, it soon turns out that the poor thing was mistaken, and that same Juliet was the mistress of her future husband, and he was just a coward who could not admit everything. Now, he could only pray that she would not make friends with the bride.

Gaspard at the Wedding (2017)

Every child’s deed has a desire to be loved in the family. But it’s harder to find someone we love more than our parents, brothers and sisters. However, in the family of the protagonist, after the death of his mother, an atmosphere of complete distrust reigned, and he decided to get rid of the shackles of suffering and moved to live in Paris.

But, one day, he received a letter from home, with an invitation to his father’s next wedding. Without much desire, he was forced to board the train, where he met a charming girl Laura.

On the way, he began to experience panic attacks, and he decided to invite her to spend time with him. Agreeing, Laura had no idea that she would have to spend time in the company of bizarre people, surrounded by amazing animals from the zoo.