Movies and Series about Jeffrey Dahmer

Known as the Milwaukee Monster, a dangerous serial killer has been the subject of several feature films. The authors try to reveal his identity in as much detail as possible, and guest actors try on the mask of a maniac.

The court found him guilty of at least fifteen murders. All of the crimes involved necrophilia and cannibalism, while at the same time a medical examination found Dahmer to be sane. He suffered from a personality disorder. The reason for this is the numerous psychological traumas he received as a child. How many movies and series does Jeffrey Dahmer have? We present you all the films and series about the maniac Jeffrey Dahmer – a complete list.

Dahmer (2002)

As Jeffrey Dahmer: Jeremy Renner

Outwardly inconspicuous, Jeffrey was in fact a brutal killer who professionally lured his victims into a trap. As a teenager, the man confessed his homosexuality.

All of those killed were lovers of the maniac. He predominantly met them in Milwaukee night bars, brought them home, and afterwards raped and experimented on them. Some of Dahmer’s victims were dismembered. Their remains were discovered during the perpetrator’s arrest.

During the hearing, Jeffrey made no attempt to deny his involvement. He posed as mentally ill. Opinions of psychologists differed, and the whole country watched the trial.

My Friend Dahmer (2017)

As Jeffrey Dahmer: Ross Lynch

The inconspicuous and quiet teenager tries to stay as far away from his peers as possible. None of his classmates suspect his strange hobbies. The boy kills forest animals and conducts chemical experiments.

After a major scandal with his father, who discovered his collection, the young man changes. His silly antics at school make him a real star. Suddenly Jeffrey has friends, but his fears continue to haunt him.

A negative imprint is left by his parents’ divorce. The boy begins to consume alcohol. The habit develops into an addiction. Dahmer’s lust tears him from the inside and forces him to commit his first murder.

Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story (TV Series, 2022)

As Jeffrey Dahmer: Evan Peters

The story of one of the most notorious murderers in the United States began in his youth. The young man had strange tendencies, which eventually developed into an obsession.

Dahmer was a homosexual, imagining sexual acts with dead men. He brought his fantasy to life by killing seventeen lovers. Jeffrey’s strange behavior attracted the attention of his neighbor, Gwenda Cleveland. She went to the police, but her reports went unheeded.

For three years, Dahmer went unpunished. Justice did catch up with him. The judge sentenced him to life imprisonment, but in prison the maniac was killed by a fellow inmate.