6 tips how to become a zombie

Dressing up like a zombie is a good idea, whether it’s Halloween or another cultural event. Below I give tips on what to do to look like a real zombie.

Tip number 1. Do makeup

Using decorative cosmetics, you can create the effect of zombie skin. The best shades for this are: white / gray, purple and green. Go to the cosmetics store and look for an eye corrector in one of these colors. Also buy eye shadow in dark color, black eyeliner and baby powder.

First apply a powder to your entire face and neck to get an unhealthy pallor. Then go to a bright place and start toning your face with eyeshadow. Paint them upper and lower eyelids and make dark circles under the eyes. Instead of a black shadow, you can use additionally gray – this will give a more natural effect. To make the skin look pale and lifeless, apply a large amount of baby powder on it.

Tip number 2. Tousled hair

Try to make your hair look like you just climbed out of a grave. Ruffle them at the roots. To do this, take a lock of hair, treat it with varnish and brush with thick teeth in the opposite direction (towards the roots). Put a lot of baby powder on your hands and rub it into your hair. Due to this, they will become gray, matte and as if covered with ashes.

If you have long hair, you can leave it loose or roughly prick. Hair should be as disheveled as possible. It is better if you wash your hair a day earlier and go to bed with wet. Then just do not comb them in the morning so that they look appropriately clumped together.

Tip number 3. Make artificial blood

To make a glass of blood (I think you have enough), prepare:

  • 1 cup corn syrup;
  • 1-2 tablespoons of red food coloring;
  • chocolate syrup;
  • a few drops of blue or green dye (thanks to it, the “blood” will have a deeper and more realistic color).

Mix all the ingredients well and add a little water to get the right consistency.

Another version of artificial blood consists of honey (sticky and thick), dishwashing liquid, and red and blue food colors. Thanks to the dishwashing detergent, blood is more easily removed from clothing.

If you want to get a thicker blood (like the consistency of a paste), then use Vaseline as a base. Just mix it with red food coloring or with a red eye shadow.

Tip number 4. Apply blood

This is the nicest part of dressing up for zombies. Make yourself various wounds on your body:

  • pour artificial blood on the hair and let it drip from them onto clothes, face, legs and hands;
  • if you want to make holes, then draw black dots on the T-shirt with a marker and apply artificial blood around them;
  • if you want to look like you just ate a neighbor, then apply some artificial blood to your hands and smear around your mouth. You can draw some blood into your mouth and gently push it from your mouth outward so that it rolls down your chin and throat;
  • if you have time, then wait about 10 minutes for the blood to dry, and then apply another layer on it to get a more realistic effect.

Tip number 5. Appropriate type of costume

To make your outfit look like a natural zombie and fit, follow these steps:

  • go outside, lie on the damp ground – lie down;
  • try to find a little dirt and also lie a little in it;
  • during the application of artificial blood, make sure that it also gets on your clothes;
  • with a knife or other sharp object, make holes in your suit in some places (cutting with scissors does not give a good result, you need to break it);
  • try to get a dark color of artificial blood. Too bright will make you look like a character from a fairy tale.

Tip number 6. Act like a zombie

  • zombies are slow, numb, cruel, dull and mentally limited, do not know how to talk (if they can speak at all) and crave human meat;
  • breathe through your mouth. During breathing, take heavy breaths and groaning sounds;
  • your lower jaw should hang freely and passively most of the time;
  • speak slurredly and mumble (generally, try to speak as little as possible). Whining gives the best results;
  • don’t walk normally, just drag your feet. Lean forward and give the impression that you almost fall at every step. You can also pull one of your legs along, pretending to be completely paralyzed;
  • hang your shoulders and arms down. Try to use them as little as possible;
  • while walking near people, yell at them or moan and stretch your hands to them lifelessly;
  • some more advanced zombies pronounce the word “brain”;
  • pretend to be a fool. The average level iq of which is slightly higher than the freezing temperature of water;

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